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Ever dream of owning a professional sports team? Fantasy games are a way to live out that dream. Fantasy games are designed to replicate the experience of owning and managing a sports franchise. ESPN.com offers fantasy games for all the major sports -- football, baseball, basketball, hockey and even NASCAR. And, to make things easier, all fantasy our games are fundamentally the same -- real athletes and their real-life performances are used to generate points for fantasy teams in fantasy leagues.

For example, in a standard fantasy league, there is a set number of "team owners." The league uses a set of rules that determines everything from team roster size to scoring method to schedule. You and your fellow team owners hold a draft -- i.e., fill your fantasy roster with real-life football players, from Joseph Addai to Jared Zabransky (we don't actually think Zabransky will make anyone's roster on draft day, but if Big Ben gets hurt and Charlie Batch gets any older ... you never know).

Then, each week throughout the regular season, you will set your lineup based on how well you think "your" players will perform that week. The statistics your positional players generate in their real-life games are collected, and fantasy points are awarded based on these numbers. The better your players perform, the more fantasy points accrue for your fantasy team.

Ultimately, these points determine which teams enter their fantasy playoffs and who becomes the season champion. With the league championship comes the glory to boast about it until the next season rolls around, at which point the other teams can smell sweet revenge.

Welcome to the world of fantasy football -- ESPN style! ESPN.com Fantasy Football 2008 is the closest thing to buying your own professional franchise and becoming the team's coach, owner and president. All decisions are yours to make.

Professional football is a game filled with unbiased player-performance statistics. By using these statistics, you have everything you need in order to understand which players are performing well and which are not, week in and week out. You make all "team manager" decisions about who will help your team and who may hurt your team, all season long. Lucky for you, ESPN.com provides you with real-time stats, so you can recruit the players who will pave the way for your ultimate victory!

Once you join a league, you and your fellow team owners are supplied with all the necessary tools -- multiple draft methods, live box scores, waivers, trades, free agency, custom player updates, a commissioner, league bulletin boards, sortable stats for all players, etc. -- to ensure a terrific fantasy experience. ESPN provides you with everything needed to build the best possible team. So relax and let the fun begin! Whether you're a newbie or veteran, fantasy football fame, glory and bragging rights are just a few clicks away!

ESPN is always looking to improve the player experience in our fantasy games. 2008 fantasy football is no exception. We've listened to our game players and have made the following changes for the 2008 season:

In all leagues:

  • Auction drafts! In addition to the standard "snake draft" format, this year ESPN provides the most intense, challenging and fun draft format in fantasy sports -- the auction draft. All owners begin with an empty roster and a budget of $200. Then, one by one, pro football's top stars are put on the auction block and acquired by the team of the highest bidder. Sounds easy, right? Be careful -- spend too much on one star and your remaining roster may be filled out with second-stringers. Spend too little and your roster will be filled with nobodies, has-beens and rookie long shots. This is what makes auction drafts so much fun. Sure, you can have LT, but for how much money? How much is Peyton really worth? Only you know for sure.

  • Enhanced Point-and-click rosters: The quickest, easiest roster management system on the Internet.

  • ESPN Profiles link added to your team page, allowing single-click access to your ESPN Profile page.