FSR 09 Rules Index

ESPN Fantasy Stock Car 2009 (FSR09) offers two different league types for you to choose from: Standard and Custom. Each of these league types offers a rich and enjoyable experience for fantasy players of all levels of expertise. To assist you in choosing the best experience, here is a brief overview of both league types:

  • Standard: Free
    These are 6-team, standard scoring leagues, which use fixed rule settings and are managed by ESPN. Standard FSR 09 leagues give you the choice of playing in a Points-Based or Head-to-Head scoring format. Free Standard leagues are an easy way to dive into Fantasy Stock Car while providing a satisfying and fun experience.

  • Custom: League Manager
    These leagues are also free, using customized rule settings and are managed by one of the players in the league (called the League Manager or LM). Custom leagues can be created with anywhere from two (2) up to ten (10) teams. The default league setting is for all teams to be assigned into a single division. It is possible to create multiple divisions in a Custom league. The LM is able to choose from a variety of scoring formats and rule options to create a unique fantasy game. In the custom game, the specific categories and their corresponding point values can be edited by the league manager to fit your league's desired custom scoring system. In addition, there is a wide variety of scoring and rule options, like keepers, to further tailor the league settings to suit your fantasy needs.

Leagues must have all Team Owner spots filled before drafting.

Standard league members have the ability to customize certain parameters of their league. League members may vote on:

  1. League Name (majority vote required for change)

  2. Waivers (majority vote required for change)

  3. Draft Type (majority vote required for change)

  4. Draft Date (majority vote required for change)