Berry: Player rankings for divisional playoffs

Updated: January 9, 2008, 8:23 PM ET
By Matthew Berry |

1Tom BradyPatriotsJaguars
2Tony RomoCowboysGiants
3Peyton ManningColtsChargers
4Matt HasselbeckSeahawks@ Packers
5Brett FavrePackersSeahawks
6David GarrardJaguars@ Patriots
7Eli ManningGiants@ Cowboys
8Philip RiversChargers@ Colts
9Seneca WallaceSeahawks@ Packers
10Quinn GrayJaguars@ Patriots
11Billy VolekChargers@ Colts
12Brad JohnsonCowboysGiants
Running Backs
1LaDainian TomlinsonChargers@ Colts
2Ryan GrantPackersSeahawks
3Marion BarberCowboysGiants
4Fred TaylorJaguars@ Patriots
5Joseph AddaiColtsChargers
6Brandon JacobsGiants@ Cowboys
7Maurice Jones-DrewJaguars@ Patriots
8Maurice MorrisSeahawks@ Packers
9Laurence MaroneyPatriotsJaguars
10Julius JonesCowboysGiants
11Kenton KeithColtsChargers
12Shaun AlexanderSeahawks@ Packers
13Heath EvansPatriotsJaguars
14Darren SprolesChargers@ Colts
15Leonard WeaverSeahawks@ Packers
16Greg JonesJaguars@ Patriots
17Michael TurnerChargers@ Colts
18Kevin FaulkPatriotsJaguars
19Reuben DroughnsGiants@ Cowboys
20Vernand MorencyPackersSeahawks
Wide Receivers
1Randy MossPatriotsJaguars
2Terrell OwensCowboysGiants
3Reggie WayneColtsChargers
4Plaxico BurressGiants@ Cowboys
5Wes WelkerPatriotsJaguars
6Greg JenningsPackersSeahawks
7Bobby EngramSeahawks@ Packers
8D.J. HackettSeahawks@ Packers
9Patrick CraytonCowboysGiants
10Marvin HarrisonColtsChargers
11Reggie WilliamsJaguars@ Patriots
12Chris ChambersChargers@ Colts
13Donald DriverPackersSeahawks
14Jabar GaffneyPatriotsJaguars
15Nate BurlesonSeahawks@ Packers
16Amani ToomerGiants@ Cowboys
17Anthony GonzalezColtsChargers
18Donte' StallworthPatriotsJaguars
19Ernest WilfordJaguars@ Patriots
20Vincent JacksonChargers@ Colts
21James JonesPackersSeahawks
Tight Ends
1Jason WittenCowboysGiants
2Dallas ClarkColtsChargers
3Antonio GatesChargers@ Colts
4Will HellerSeahawks@ Packers
5Donald LeePackersSeahawks
6Kevin BossGiants@ Cowboys
7Benjamin WatsonPatriotsJaguars
8Marcedes LewisJaguars@ Patriots
9Marcus PollardSeahawks@ Packers
10Ben UtechtColtsChargers
1Adam VinatieriColtsChargers
2Nick FolkCowboysGiants
3Mason CrosbyPackersSeahawks
4Stephen GostkowskiPatriotsJaguars
5Nate KaedingChargers@ Colts
6Josh ScobeeJaguars@ Patriots
7Josh BrownSeahawks@ Packers
8Lawrence TynesGiants@ Cowboys
Defenses/Special Teams
1Indianapolis ColtsChargers
2New England PatriotsJaguars
3Dallas CowboysGiants
4Green Bay PackersSeahawks
5Jacksonville Jaguars@ Patriots
6San Diego Chargers@ Colts
7Seattle Seahawks@ Packers
8New York Giants@ Cowboys

Good luck to all! (Except the Seahawks. Go Skins)! And remember, you can still be my cyberfriend and read my personal blog here.

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