Rules - Multiple Teams in the Same League


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For competitive reasons, Fantasy Football does not allow one owner to control more than one team in the same league. However, this does not mean one account can not have more than one team in a league. The vast majority of the time, two teams from the same member account occur for perfectly legitimate reasons - family members, friends, couples, etc. Simply seeing the same personal profile linked to two different teams is not cause for alarm. If you have misgivings about teams in your league, our recommendation is to simply write the owner and politely ask him/her whether they control both teams.

NOTE: Participants that own more than one team in a single league are ineligible to win overall prizes.

However, on occasion a team owner, through accident or happenstance, ends up with two teams in the same league. In this case we offer the following set of choices:

If the teams have not yet been drafted:

Simply move one of the teams to a different group. Joining a new group will automatically remove the team from the original group.

If the teams have already been drafted:

1.  Find a friend, family member, or co-worker who would like to take over the second team, remembering that the person chosen must be trusted with your team's username and password. Be sure to include a note in the personal profile and on the bulletin board so league members know that the teams are controlled by separate parties. It is also helpful if each team has a seperate e-mail account.

2.  Cancel one of the teams by calling our Customer Service department at (888) 549-ESPN.