Week 3 Rankings: Defense/Special teams

Updated: September 19, 2008, 11:53 AM ET
By Fantasy staff |

These rankings are intended to rate players for Week 3 of the NFL season only. They are a composite of Matthew Berry's, Christopher Harris', Erik Kuselias' and Eric Karabell's personal rankings for the week. ESPN's official fantasy projections and profiles for Week 3 can be viewed by clicking here.

Week 3 defense/special teams rankings



1New England Patriots D/STMIA12121.5
2New York Giants D/STCIN31211.8
3Tennessee Titans D/STHOU23433.0
4Seattle Seahawks D/STSTL413346.0
5Buffalo Bills D/STOAK86676.8
6Baltimore Ravens D/STCLE581157.3
7Chicago Bears D/STTB757117.5
8San Diego Chargers D/STNYJ6108129.0
9Tampa Bay Buccaneers D/ST@ CHI9791810.8
10Minnesota Vikings D/STCAR19451611.0
11Indianapolis Colts D/STJAC201712814.3
12Pittsburgh Steelers D/ST@ PHI119152214.3
13Philadelphia Eagles D/STPIT1211162115.0
14Carolina Panthers D/ST@ MIN1414221315.8
15Jacksonville Jaguars D/ST@ IND1712192017.0
16Dallas Cowboys D/ST@ GB1318142317.0
17Atlanta Falcons D/STKC2124101417.3
18Arizona Cardinals D/ST@ WAS1619181918.0
19San Francisco 49ers D/STDET242220618.0
20Green Bay Packers D/STDAL1020133018.3
21Houston Texans D/ST@ TEN2221171518.8
22New York Jets D/ST@ SD2316271720.8
23Kansas City Chiefs D/ST@ ATL272721921.0
24Cleveland Browns D/ST@ BAL3025231022.0
25Oakland Raiders D/ST@ BUF2515262422.5
26Washington Redskins D/STARI1823252623.0
27Denver Broncos D/STNO1529282724.8
28Detroit Lions D/ST@ SF3232242528.3
29New Orleans Saints D/ST@ DEN2631292928.8
30Cincinnati Bengals D/ST@ NYG2930302829.3
31St. Louis Rams D/ST@ SEA2828313129.5
32Miami Dolphins D/ST@ NE3126323230.3