What's New for Fantasy Baseball 2007?

Updated: April 22, 2008, 3:39 PM ET

Here is a sample of what's new in this year's Fantasy Baseball game. Send us your feedback with what improvements you would like to see.


Free Live Scoring - All real-time scoring is free this year. This will be a reoccurring theme in all our games moving forward. We pay for your stats.

Real-Time Standings - Watch your Standings page update as games are played. Gone are the days of waiting for your league rank to update overnight. Know your league rank.

Future Moves - Now you can set your roster for any game in the future. Simply navigate to that day and adjust your roster. Your summer weekends are now free.

Gametime Locks - Set your lineups up to gametime. Wait to pull the trigger on a starting pitcher depending on weather conditions. Decisions, decisions.

New Logo Builder - Represent your team's colors in our new logo builder.

Player Cards 2.0 - No need to open a new browser window with our snappy embedded player cards. Recent news and stats made easy. To play or not to play?

Expanded Free Agency and Lineup Views - More sortable stats with new Research, Schedule, News and Eligibility tabs. All customized your league settings. No more excuses on missing a good spot start.

Improved League Office - The center for your league has a whole new layout. News wire, League Tools, Message boards and League Transactions included.


Fully Customizable Settings - We now offer a completely free league management service. Want to run a 6-team, NL Only league? Now you can. Your league, your way.

League Manager Controls - Full commish controls, from editing rosters for other owners to ruling on trades. The LM is The Man.

Keeper Options - League Managers of of existing keeper leagues can enter keepers for this year's draft. Or you can start your league with the rule that keepers start in 2008.

Multiple Team Owners - You now can team up with your buddy to help dominate your league. Two-headed trash talk.


Those who have played our legacy Fantasy Baseball game will notices a few changes to the standard game. The name change now refers to this game type as "Prize-Eligible Leagues". As the name says they (still) award a prize to league champ, and all teams are Overall Leaderboard and Uber-Game eligible. In future years we hope to expand Prize-Eligible Leagues to allow for more customization.

Roster size. In a move to make the game easier to play, rosters have been reduced from 25 to 20 players.

Games Started Game Limits - H2H game limits have been imposed to stop streaming. In Roto 120 games started is now the season limit (down from 180 due to the smaller roster size).

NL or AL Only. All standard leagues now use the "All MLB Players' setting.

8/10/12 team leagues. All standard leagues have a fixed size of 10 teams.

Note: These setting are still very much in play by setting up a free Custom League using your own settings. Click here to start a Custom League.