Updated: July 22, 2009, 2:44 PM ET

Fantasy Hockey Inquiries:
  • Billing Inquiries
    If your question is about a credit card bill, purchases or account changes please e-mail If you are in need of telephone assistance, please call 888-549-ESPN (3776).
  • Log on/Password
    Please use Password Recovery or Member Name Recovery if you have forgotten either part of your account information. For other log on concerns, visit the Member Services Menu.
  • League Setup
    If you have a question about setting up your league.
    Live Draft Questions
    If you have a question about your live draft.
    Inviting Owners
    For questions about inviting owners to your league.
    Rules Question
    For questions concerning your league's set rules.
    Existing Leagues from 2006 or earlier
    If you have a question about your existing fantasy hockey league.
    Other Issue
    If your question/problem does not fall under one of the above categories.

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    Please include your member name whenever you e-mail the league office. If your message concerns a specific league or team, please be sure to include the league name and/or team name in your message. After you send your message, you will be redirected to the fantasy hockey front page.

    NOTE: The League Office will not respond to obscene or otherwise offensive e-mail.