Callaway wins patent infringement suit against Titleist Pro V1 maker

Updated: December 14, 2007, 6:12 PM ET
Associated Press

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Callaway Golf has won a patent infringement case against Acushnet, the maker of the popular Titleist Pro V1 ball.

Callaway filed suit in June in U.S. District Court in Delaware alleging Acushnet's Titleist Pro V1 line of golf balls infringed on patents owned by Callaway. Jurors found in favor of Callaway on four of the five patents, Callaway spokeswoman Michele Szynal said Friday.

"We have now established in court that our golf ball patents are valid, and that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls infringe those patents," she said. "We will immediately start the process of requesting an appropriate remedy, including injunctive relief and damages."

The Titleist Pro V1 line of golf balls, introduced in 2000, is used by a majority of players on the pro tours.

In its complaint, Callaway said the patents involve technological breakthroughs in producing multilayer, solid core balls that resulted "in performance that had previously eluded the industry" and revolutionized the game.

Acushnet said the Titleist Pro V1 is based on more than 70 of its own patents.

In a statement, Acushnet said it believes it will prevail in the case and was awaiting a decision on a motion for judgment.

"The jury's mixed decision has created ambiguity that will have to be resolved post-trial," said Joseph Nauman, an Acushnet executive vice president.

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