Funnyman Weekley working on book about golf, life

12/16/2008 - Golf Boo Weekley

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Boo Weekley once dropped a set of car keys in a portable toilet and had to roll up his sleeves to fetch them out. Another famous story was the time his friends persuaded him to step into the ring with an orangutan.

He has enough stories to fill a book. Now all he needs is a publisher.

Weekley, whose homespun humor has become more well-known with his good play on the golf course, said Tuesday that he is collaborating on a book about his golf and his life.

"We're trying to find a publisher that might be interested in it," Weekley said.

He doesn't have a working title. Weekley said he's leaving that up to the author, whom he identified as Paul Brown of Jackson, Miss.

"He's coming up with all that," he said. "We're just trying to start it out, how I got into golf and what my past has been like and the things that have come about and the things that I've overcome, just different things like that. It's mostly about golf -- until we find a publisher. And then I started throwing some other stuff in there."

What other stuff? Weekley just smiled.