Holtz: 'No finer place to play than Augusta


South Carolina coach Lou Holtz says he was surprised to learn that the prestigious Augusta National has invited him to become a member.

"I must say I am honored and flattered to be invited to be a member of Augusta National. I had no idea I was going to be invited," Holtz said. "I have played there many, many times over the years as a guest."

Sports Illustrated reported about Holtz's membership in this week's edition.

The exclusive club has come under scrutiny recently by women's organizations who are campaigning for female members. Augusta National didn't have a black member until 1990 and hasn't had a female member in its 69-year history.

"My wife has played there and she loves it. We have stayed all night there at the course. She is as excited as I am," Holtz said. "I love the game of golf and there is no finer place in the world to play than Augusta National."