Lee leads Rangers into Long Beach


Once again it looks like the Rangers will bring another strong crop of players out to Long Beach for the 2009 Area Code Baseball Games. This year the Rangers will have some power arms and speed to boot.

Zach Lee, of McKinney High School is making the return trip to California. Not only is he solid on the baseball diamond, but he is solid at the quarterback position on the gridrion. He recently committed to LSU, with the hopes of playing both sports.

Out of the ten pitchers on this year's staff all but two stand at least 6-foot-3, with the tallest one being Trevor Teykl standing in at 6-foot-7.

Austin Southall is the first player from Louisiana to make the trip to Long Beach since Carmen Angelini and Thad Griffen both did so back in the 2006 Area Code Games. Both were teammates at Barbe High School.