Kart, Madden among Heaps' fav five


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Arguably the nation's top quarterback in the Class of 2010, Skyline (Sammamish, Wash.) junior Jake Heaps also loves his video games. Here is his top five:

1. "Mario Kart"
"It's so old school. No matter how old you get, it's so much fun."

2. "NCAA Football"
"I love it because it's the college teams and it's a lot of fun playing with the new guys and creating guys. Especially for me, with all of these scholarships, I put myself on those teams and see how I do."

3. "Madden"
"A lot of people get really into it and I love challenging people."

4. "Call of Duty 4"
"You have to have a good strategy to it and figure out how to survive."

5. "Gears of War"
"You really can't be on the game and just be good all of a sudden. It takes some practice."