2010 Nike Combine FAQs


Q: What's the cost of a NIKE Football Combine or SPARQ Mini Camp?
A: All Nike Combines and SPARQ Mini-Camps are FREE.

Q: Can a bad performance at a NIKE Football Combine hurt my stock?
A: No, because of the "scratch rule." ESPN RISE cares about the athletes first! If an athlete does not like a particular mark, the time or mark may be scratched from the results. Even so, college coaches put more emphasis on how players perform in pads. A disappointing time in the 40 will not lead to colleges dropping a player. At past Nike events, running backs and wide receivers have run 4.8's and linebackers run 5.2s and still sign with major D-I programs—current New Orleans Saints standout linebacker Jonathan Vilma clocked a 5.0 40 Yard Dash at a Nike Football Camp when he was in high school, and obviously the fifth-year All-Pro has not let that slow him down. Use your times, marks and SPARQ Rating to honestly evaluate yourself as a player and see where you can work to improve your athleticism through Nike SPARQ Training.

Q: What's the difference between a NIKE Football Combine and SPARQ Mini Camp?
A: The NIKE Football Combines are events where athletes get tested in the 40-Yard Dash, Vertical Jump, Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5), and Kneeling Power Ball Toss and then receive an official SPARQ Rating. The SPARQ Mini Camps are events that give athletes an opportunity to workout with a SPARQ trainer using a variety of SPARQ training products to improve their overall athleticism and also to learn how to improve their testing results from a NIKE Football Combine. Testing will NOT take place at a SPARQ Mini Camp.

Q: Can I attend more than one NIKE Football Combine?
A: YES. An athlete may attend as many NIKE Football Combines as they would like.

Q:I registered; will I now get a confirmation email?
A: Yes. You will get an email confirming your registration and another event reminder email the Monday before the event. If you have not received your confirmation within a day of signing up, please check your spam/junk folders.

• Concerns or questions regarding online registration or the Fast Pass, please contact Bob Masajo at bob@studentsports.com.
•  All other inquiries please direct to Michael White at michael@studentsports.com.

Q: I registered for a NIKE Football Combine and could not print my Fast Pass. What do I do?
A: You will get a confirmation email after completing registration and a reminder email prior to the event. You can print your fast pass from these emails anytime you have access to your email and a working printer. Attempting to register using the same information used the first time will also direct you to a page to print your fast pass. If you are still unable to print or did not get these emails, you will be able to print your fast pass onsite.

Q: Can seniors (class of '10) attend a Nike Football Combine or a SPARQ Mini Camps -- Who CAN attend a Nike Football Combine and SPARQ Mini Camp?
A: No Seniors or 8th graders are allowed at a Nike Football Combine. The combines and mini camps are for athletes in the graduating classes of '2011, '2012, and '2013. (Seniors and juniors in the fall of '10). Also players at a post-graduate program will NOT be able to attend.

Q: Can I go to a Nike Football Combine to watch?
A: Depends on the venue -- at an outdoor combine all parents and spectators will be allowed to watch the event from the stands only, not from the track or sideline. At indoor facilities space is very limited so we do not allow spectators inside the venue and with our first priority being to keep the athletes safe, we must keep the testing area clear and safe for all participants.

Q: Online registration is closed but will I be able to register onsite at the combine?
A: There are no guarantees that players will be able to walk up and register at the combine. Keep checking in on the online registration prior to the event as some spots may open up if athletes choose to opt out.

Q: I won't be able to attend the event can I give my Fast Pass to my teammate or
A: NO. The fast pass is non transferable and is tied to your personal information. Your teammate or relative must register using a different email address.

Q: What are the testing protocols? Where can I get info on the Kneeling Power Ball Toss and other tests?
A: Watch the tests on video here.

Q: How long does a NIKE Football Combine last?
A: NIKE Football Combines are on a first come, first serve bases policy so it depends on when you get there and get in line for registration. Once through the registration line it should take no more than an hour or so to complete testing.

Q: How do I get my official SPARQ Rating and results?
A: You will leave the combine with these in hand. You will receive an email after the event with links to access your rating on ESPNRISE.com.

Q: What do I need to bring to the NIKE Football Combine?
A: Cleats/running shoes to run in and workout gear. Take a look at the field-type beforehand to determine the best type of cleats/shoes you should run in.
**ESPN RISE and NIKE are not responsible for ANY lost or stolen items, so pack accordingly and note that you don't need to bring a lot to test.

Q: Can I wear track spikes to run the 40-yard dash?
A: NO. Only football cleats and running shoes are allowed.

Q: Will there be football-specific drills at the NIKE Football Combines?
A: No. A NIKE Football Combine is strictly for testing an athlete's athletic ability.

Q: I am a coach interested in volunteering, how do I go about this?
A: Email Michael White at michael@studentsports.com.