Don't mess with the 'hawk


Each weekday, ESPN RISE brings you five vital stats from athletes across the country.

Highland Park High School (Dallas) sophomore Travis Minor takes pride in his appearance, especially his hair. Mohawks continue to grow in popularity thanks to rock bands and also sports teams using the hairstyle as a motivating symbol -- thank you Tampa Bay Rays. Sporting a solid 'hawk, we asked Minor to give us five pointers to rock the look.

1. Length
"More hair means the easier it is to do a Mohawk. It's harder to get up, but ... it's quality versus quantity."

2. Gel and spray
"You've got to do it for about five minutes with gel. Get a straightening iron and spray it up. Spray your hair before the straightener, and comb it as you're gelling it."

3. Style it dry
"When it's wet, it tends to fall down. It's a lot better when it's dry."

4. Don't do it yourself
"Any place or barber shop will do, unless it has a barber pole. There, they'll be like, 'Son, what are you doing?'"

5. Color
"Spray or get it dyed. Green is hard because it will mix. If you go green, get it with white. Use a primary color with a secondary color at the tips."

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