ESPNHS Wednesday: Best Blogs 4/22


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Frantic Fans


By manny24435
From Red Sox Nation to the Cameron Crazies, there are many sports fans that support their team through the best and worst times. Environments in any sporting event always seem to have a huge outcome on who wins and who loses. Just ask the Lakers in the Finals last year against the Celtics or the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS against the Rays. The Seattle Seahawks and the Texas A&M football program both use the title "12th man" for their fans because the environment that they create is so great that it is like having extra man playing for them. Check out all of the best fans in sports from manny24435!


Mark Cuban: The Best Owner in Sports


By B-Brown914
Mark Cuban is the best owner in sports. He really is. There is no doubt about it. Ask any mildly conscious sports fan living anywhere other than the underbelly of a rock to name three owners in all of sports. Chances are, you will render three similar answers: George Steinbrennar, Jerry Jones, and Mark Cuban. Read full post ... and weigh in!

The Clear Winner


By dirtydave998
Many fans of the NBA say that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA finals. I agree that they will make it there, but lose to the Lakers. It looks like the Cavs will own the east with Garnett injured and the Magic not playing well. They really don't have much competition. The Lakers will have a harder road because the team they are playing in the first round, the Jazz, are pretty tough. There are also the improved Nuggets, the experienced Spurs, and every other team can challenge the Lakers if they play well. In the finals I think they will play seven games, but Kobe will too much for the Cavs. Even though the Cavaliers have LeBron, Mo Williams, Ilgauskus, and Delonte West. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and a good bench including Lamar Odom. The Lakers will win in seven.
What do you think? Will the Lakers win in seven?

D-Wade for MVP


By macman76
This season's NBA MVP will probably be Lebron James. His statistics measure up there with some of the best years of Micheal Jordan, he gave his team homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, he improved his defensive play, but he does not deserve to win the award. Is Wade the MVP? What do you think?



By abbyfaldowski
Well ive been really thrilled with the Basketball scores lately they seem to be good or at least for me anyway the Cavaliers are dominating every team they play and the Trail Blazers are actually doing petty good this year so iam liking what iam seeing in the Basketball teams Baseball is not going so well for me though the Yankees are doing ok but not as well as they should be doing i cant wait to see how the NFL is going to turn out with all of the Draft stuff but one thing is for sure Steelers are gonna need more fingers after this season i no its gonna be great keep watching SC thats all i watch anymore of well its educating TV Talk sports with abbyfaldowski!


magnolia daredevils

By magnolia daredevils
Are you a D-Rose fan? If so, talk with magnolia daredevil!


My 2009 Divison Winners


By jamesguzzi
The 2008 baseball season came to a suprise to many. That suprise was the Tampa Bay Rays. Most people saw the Rays to be just the same old last place team in the AL east. But from day one, the Rays showed everyone that they were on a mission and it wasn't to get out of last place. It was to be a contender in the divison and thats what they were. The 2008 Rays started the season red hot and stayed that way until game 5 of the World Series. The Rays beat out teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angles. This happened because the Rays had such great young talent, with future all stars like Evan Longoria and B.J Upton. Everything fell in place for the Rays. See who he thinks will be this year's Rays!

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