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chibears1223 is the ESPNHS Blogger of the Week for March 29- April 4, and here are his top blogs.


2009 NBA Playoffs: The Craziness


By chibears1223 -- Posted April 22
I want to start off by saying it is really amazing to be a Chicago fan in general right now. The Bears, of course, getting Jay Cutler, the success of the Blackhawks in the playoffs, and now seeing the Bulls get that first win in Boston. I'm blogging on this after they lost by a hair last night, but still. Let me just point out that Derrick Rose is a rookie! A rookie, I tell ya! That was his first playoff game and he put on a graceful show. He looked so unphased. True, you could put blame on the Celtic's defense and being without vocal leader KG, but you just don't see that everyday. I really believe they could suprise everyone and win the series. They should have won last night, but thanks to Ray Allen's heroics they didn't. I honestly don't think it would be a suprise. Everyone's predicting the Celtics to be in the Eastern Conference Finals, but it's not going to happen. Read full post ... and weigh in on the playoffs!



By chibears1223 -- Posted April 22
What is the true meaning of MVP? That's the question you need to ask yourself when you want to decide who should win it. If you think it means the best player on the best team, then it should go to Lebron James. If you think it should go to the person who lifts its team up and makes it better, then it should be Dwyane Wade.
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Lebron James: Do you believe the hype?


By chibears1223 -- Posted April 22
I personally like Lebron the person. I'm not the biggest fan of the basketball player. He is so in love with himself. The way he's always wearing a t-shirt with his name sprawled across. Recently when he said that he was his favorite player growing up. I don't have a problem with him loving his amazing abilities and stuff. It's the media. Everyone says he's the next Michael Jordan and all this other nonsense. This is just me, but doesn't a championship define a player? The last time I looked at his hands, I don't see any championship rings. Start making comparisons after he does something in the playoffs besides being swept in the finals. Talk with chibears1223 about LeBron James and the NBA!


Rookie Salary Cap: Should There Be One?


By chibears1223 -- Posted April 25
Every single year at this exact same time, one discussion starts to float around. Should rookies really get that much guaranteed money? Hey, I know it's a great story to see someone who grew up with nothing and now has all this money from hard work. They can provide for their mother or father who worked 12 hour days just to put a meal on the table for their babies. That all sounds great, but rookies should have a salary cap. They're unproven commodities and you'd be crazy to put that much money on someone who played great in college. Check out the full blog post on a rookie salary cap.

The Excitement of the Schedule Release!!!


By chibears1223 -- Posted April 19
I was anticipating the release of the 2009 schedule!!!! For some reason it's always exciting to find out! It's almost like the real start of the new season! My main reasoning for excitement is so I can see how many primetime games we have! We have the most, once again! I don't live locally so not many games I can see on tv. I have to watch them on the internet. I'm finally getting NFL Network this Tuesday so I will be able to see the Thursday night game! That's exciting! Are you ready for football season?

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