Checking in on the top lacrosse recruits


ESPN RISE checks in on the latest news in the world of high school lacrosse recruiting.

The Pacific Northwest isn't
a hotbed for lax, but it
hasn't stopped Landon
Carr from becoming a top
recruit. The middie had
30 goals in only 10 games
as a junior.

His dad is in the Pro
Football Hall of Fame and
his brother plays for the
St. Louis Rams, but Howie
Long Jr. will be playing
lacrosse, not football,
at Virginia.

Gilman, a powerhouse
program from a powerhouse
state, leads the way
with four Top 25 recruits,
headlined by Jack Doyle,
who had 37 goals and
25 assists last season.

John Greeley is a nightmare
to defend because
he can impact a game
in so many ways. Heading
into this season, he'd
tallied 134 goals and
107 assists in his career.

Chris LaPierre signed
with Virginia for lacrosse,
but he also set singleseason
state records for
touchdowns (44) and
points scored (272) in
football this year.

No. 1 recruit Chris LaPierre talks recruiting.

ESPN RISE: How much pressure comes with being the No. 1 player?
LaPierre:"Obviously it's there. People who don't know you,
just by learning the name and the reputation,
it's going to give them extra incentive to try
harder. When you're the No. 1 player in
the country, you have to back it up."

ESPN RISE:What was the hardest part of the recruiting process?
LaPierre:"Choosing between football and lacrosse because I
always grew up thinking I was going to play football."

ESPN RISE:What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a top recruit?
LaPierre:"A lot of lacrosse kids just play lacrosse.
I got my athleticism from playing football for so
many years. Don't just focus on one sport."