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Michael Vick

michael vick

malcolm pitts

By malcolm pitts
_+_*who thinks that vick would come back and win a superbowl**_+_
What do you think? Talk with malcolm pitts about Micheal Vick's future.


NHL Playoff Hapiness (Wings def. Hawks)


By YankIan
Okay, well first off I want to let you know that I am a huge Red Wings fan and I humbly stand behind the 2007-08 Stanley Cup Champions! The good news is that they have made it to the semifinals in this years playoffs. They have been very impressive this year especially* Johan Franzen* with his regular season stats and a highlighting 34 goals and 25 assists, creating a total of 59 points. This year and last year this man has been a huge success for the Wings organization by being great in the clubhouse and especially on the ice. He has scored many goals this post season and is a very tough on ice competitor. I hope we have him for a long time. Another great attribute to the team is the young Henrik Zetterberg with a total of 31 goals and 42 assists making 73 points. Henrik Zetterberg has been a favorite of mine since 2002 when we drafted him in one of the late rounds of the draft that year. Read more!


The Finals


By robishaw25
To Let all the Orlando fans. The magic is a good team but is not going to beat the Cavs. Just becasue the have enough big guys to contain Howard and there are the number one defense. No one can guard the MVP Lebron James on the Orlando team but look on the bright side you got to the finals but again stan van gudy gets to heat or chokes again just like he did with the miami heat. The Denver and LA series is a intersting one but LA beats them in seven games and Kobe win have a awesome game 7. ... read full post!


10 run rule in MLB.


By mso123456789
Now, I know what you're thinking, why would there be a ten run rule in baseball? Well, how about if it's 15-0 in the 5th inning? Is that even fun to watch? I would rather watch NASCAR. I like it when teams kill teams by that much when I'm cheering for the team, but I hate watching it. I also think the players should have a say in it. If 3 guys get hurt and they're down by 15 in the 5th inning, would you still want to play? I didn't think so.
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What's going on

Random Thoughts: #1


By KidSox1
Random Thoughts ...

- Why Is Everyone Set On This Whole Lebron-Kobe Finals? Is Anyone Tired Of It Yet. I Know I Am. Everyday We Get Closer To The Day We See The Laker Vs Cavs In The NBA Finals.. How Do We Even Know It Will Be A Good Series? The Cavs Have Swept All There Oppenents So Far. What If Kobe Or Lebron Gets Injured (Unlikely). I For One Wouldnt Care If The Bulls Played The Kings In The Finals, Its Just Another Game And Another Win. Keep reading for thoughts on Vick, Shaq, A-Rod and more!

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