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Football, not futbol

Top Ten Reasons Why Football is better than Soccer and Misconceptions About American Football


By MacSledge

1. Soccer (and yes,I have played) is for the AVERAGE athlete (or below average...whatever). You don't have to be big or coordinated or smart. Actually, you simply have to be alive in order to play effectively. Soccer players are usually the guys who couldn't make the cut in other sports. The fastest soccer player in the Premier League of ANY country would get toasted by the fastest man in the NFL. No contest.
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Steve McNair



Steve McNair was one of the greatest quaterbacks ever to play the game not because of his numbers alone, but because he was a great person that didn't get into trouble off the field and was arguably the toughest in his era. To hear that his death could have been a result of an affair with a much younger woman apart from his own family makes me cringe. I just wish it weren't true because his days with the Titans when he and Eddie George were in their prime were what made me love football even more. I cried when they lost the Super Bowl to the Rams, but I kept the faith in McNair and George. This news hurt me.
Talk about Steve McNair with OHHEAT50.

Rest In Peace Steve

i am the man4

By i am the man4
I was very saddened to hear of the loss to Steve's family. I knew that he was a great guy with a huge heart. Best wishes to Mechelle and company, and make sure that you all stay alive and well. Sincerely, the man on espn.com More from i am the man4.

R.I.P. Steve McNair


By phillips2122
I just saw the news that a childhood hero of mine has just been killed. Steve McNair, dead at 36. The world has lost a great QB and a great guy. Rest in peace Air McNair.Talk with phillips2122 about your favorite Steve McNair memories.

Indianapolis Colts

colts winning the super bowl


By coltphan202
face it the colts will win the super bowl we got peyton manning and amazin wideouts and rbs and or defense is just a beast with robert mathis dwight freeny and bob sanders
Which team do you think will win the Super Bowl?

Jacksonville Jaguars

what are the jags doing?

nationals are cool

By nationals are cool
I recently was urious as to how the jags would look in 2009 and was stunned by the lack of rb depth and no third wrfor the jags. looking at the draft i noticed they got terrence kingston a dt from temple and derek cox a saftey from william and marry and thought to myself these are not needs and why are you doing this. While were on the topic of the draft why did they not draft a rb higher? Read more ... and weigh in on the Jags!

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