Kendry Morales re-adds 's' to first name

For nearly six years, the Los Angeles Angels were calling one of their best young players by the wrong name.

The team announced Wednesday that first baseman Kendry Morales' name is actually Kendrys Morales. Angels spokesman Eric Kay said Morales just brought the misspelling to the team's attention.

"It has been inaccurately spelled without the 'S' since he came to the United States," the team said in a statement. "Additionally, his first name should be pronounced with the 'S' at the end (KEN-dreez)."

Morales, who finished fifth in American League MVP balloting in 2009, missed the final four months of last year after breaking his left ankle in a celebration at home plate. He was in the news earlier this week when a man who worked for his former agents turned himself in to south Florida police for allegedly stealing more than $305,000 from Morales.

The press release from the Coral Springs police department used the proper spelling of Morales' first name.

Mark Saxon covers the Angels for ESPNLosAngeles.com. Follow him on Twitter.