Lane Kiffin unhappy with officials' calls

LOS ANGELES -- USC coach Lane Kiffin said Sunday he filed a complaint with the Pac-10 about a number of calls in Saturday's 37-35 loss at Stanford.

The most meaningful of those calls was the officials' decision not to start the clock after Allen Bradford's first-down run late in the fourth quarter. USC scored a touchdown to take a one-point lead, but wound up giving Stanford the ball back with 1:02 remaining and the Cardinal easily drove into field-goal range before Nate Whitaker made the winning field goal.

Had the officials started the clock, it could have burned as much as 30 seconds, Kiffin said.

"I expressed myself to them, my disappointment in that," Kiffin said. "It's such a game-changing moment."

Kiffin also wondered about the discrepancy in calls. USC was flagged eight times while Stanford had just three penalties, all of which were either false starts or off-sides. USC has averaged 77 penalty yards per game this season. Only five FBS teams have been penalized for more yards. Stanford averages 48.2 yards of penalties per game.

Quipped Kiffin: "I'm going to have to ask [Stanford] Coach [Jim] Harbaugh this offseason how he does such a great job."

A Pac-10 spokesperson said coaches routinely submit reports to the coordinator of officials after games, and those communications are confidential.

Pedro Moura is co-author of the USC blog on ESPNLosAngeles.com. ESPNLosAngeles' Mark Saxon contributed to this report.