L.A./Industry NFL stadium proposal

1/28/2011 - NFL

The Project

• The Los Angeles Football Stadium in City of Industry

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The Players

• Ed Roski, 72, Majestic Realty Company
• John Semcken, 54, Majestic Realty Company
• Taylor Talt, 30, Majestic Realty Company
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The Plan

• Build an open-air 75,000 stadium to be the centerpiece of a 600-acre site on the northern side of the 57 and 60 freeway interchange. The site is currently vacant but following the construction of the stadium will be revamped into an entertainment and retail complex. The unique structure of the stadium, with a portion of it built into a hilly terrain, will enable the stadium to be built with 40 percent less steel and become the first LEED-certified NFL stadium. The Stadium would not only be the greenest stadium in the league but also the most celebrity friendly, with VIP and red-carpet entrances to the 12,500 club seats and 176 suites.

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The Projected Cost

• $800 million (privately financed)

• • •

The Possibility

• If a team were ready to move to Los Angeles tomorrow, the City of Industry group would be cleared to put shovels in the dirt before the ink dried on a team's relocation papers. They've done everything on their end (including two approved environmental impact reports) to make their dream a reality except for the most important thing -- attracting an NFL team. Majestic's ability to begin construction at the drop of a hat has been the group's calling card for the past two years, yet their 600-acre lot continues to remain empty. If this were a poker game, City of Industry would be way ahead on the flop, but you can't help but feel a bad beat coming on the turn card or the river with every day of inactivity that goes by.

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The Pros and Cons

• Compromise. The Majestic Realty Group will tell you this is the No. 1 reason the NFL hasn't come back to Los Angeles. Every proposed plan before theirs has forced the NFL to make a compromise they weren't willing to make. This plan, they say, has no compromises. It's the perfect stadium in the perfect location, built on a blank canvas the league can paint with as many brushes as it likes. There is, however, one big concession: the location. For all the charts and diagrams that show how close The City of Industry is to your front door, it's a "city" with less than 1,000 residents many fans have never been to and probably wouldn't visit outside of NFL game days.