Most Interesting Fan in the World

Updated: May 4, 2010, 6:14 PM ET

Steve Mason and John Ireland recently went on a search for the Most Interesting Lakers Fan in the World, asking listeners across Southern California to email the show with a creative description of him/her.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Big shout out to our three finalists: Avedis, Gary, and Jairus. Check out their submissions below.

Avedis Adourian: (winner)

  • His initials are MVP, forwards and backwards.
  • He's never missed a Halftime Half-Court Shot, and uses the winnings to tip the ball boy.
  • His team never loses, and if they do, they weren't his team.
  • His good word and firm shake made the Kwame Brown/Pau Gasol trade too good to refuse.
  • The Fridge Chic Hearn used to put the games in was in his kitchen.
  • He's an ambassador to seven different fan nations.
  • His irrelevant comments on the Mason and Ireland Show are always relevant.
  • Teams have been known to overcome huge deficits when he's threatened to leave.
  • When he's shown on the Kiss-cam, three women instantly become pregnant.
  • Beer and Nachos actually speed up his metabolism.
  • He's never paid for a ticket, but that's because vendors are told to scan his hand.
  • He can palm a basketball with his teeth.
  • He is... the most interesting fan in the world

"I don't always root for teams, but when I do, I prefer the Los Angeles Lakers. Stay faithful my friends."

Gary Ganchrow:

  • When he arrives at the game, the parking lot attendant pays HIM $13.
  • He always picks the winning car in the electronic scoreboard race.
  • The players wear jerseys with HIS name and number.
  • He doesn't always leave the game before it ends, but when he does, the game is over.
  • Jerry Buss calls him for dating advice.
  • He is... the most interesting fan in the world.

"Stay boisterous my friends."

Jairus Lofton:

  • He taught Mark Madsen how to dance.
  • He once called Mason and Ireland and pretended to be Jeff in Tarzana, just to see what it felt like.
  • He and Adam Morrison have a secret plan to take over the world.
  • Mychal Thompson once offered to buy him lunch.
  • He has every Laker's jersey. Yes, even DJ Mbenga's.
  • He's the only one who knows what that thing on Rasheed Wallace's head is.
  • He is... the most interesting fan in the world

"I don't always watch basketball, but when I do, I prefer the Lakers."