ESPN LA Now [Hr 1]

With 9 former or current FIFA officials being indicted in a huge scandal, Mike Trudell and Mychal Thompson wondered the implications of the arrests on the future of the World Cups, especially the possibility of having one in the U.S.

Kelvin & Travis

Brian Kamenetzky in for Kelvin as he & Travis discuss LeBron making it to another NBA Finals, the Dodgers trading Juan Uribe, and FIFA officials being arrested on charges of corruption. Also, with the Lakers beginning their pre-draft workouts with prospects, the guys talk about how the late 1st round pick could be as important as the #2 overall pick.

Dudley & Schaap

Colin Cowherd welcomes Bucks F Jared Dudley and Jeremy Schaap to the show. Plus, more on LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and the alleged corruption in FIFA.

Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

Max & Marcellus talk about the way James Harden deals with playing in clutch moments. Max explains the difference between Fight and Flight under pressure. Is Lebron about to pass Jordan?

Mason and Ireland [hr 2]

Jeff Katz is sitting in for the vacationing Steve Mason today. The guys discuss if Kevin Love should stay in Cleveland or move on. Callers weigh in with their thoughts on Kevin Love. John and Jeff discuss the general state of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The guys get their five questions together, its time for FAST TRACK!!!