Mason and Ireland [hr 1]

Brian Kamenetzky is sitting in for the vacationing Steve Mason today. The guys discuss an upcoming Shaq's Podcast with guest Kobe Bryant. A. Martinez joins the guys and talks about the break up between Shaq and Kobe.

Kelvin and Travis

Kelvin & Travis have more to discuss in regards to Steve Sarkisian and this seemingly 2nd chance he has been given by Pat Haden & the Trojans. Speaking of 2nd chances, why has Michael Vick been able to get more jobs while Ray Rice is still waiting for another shot?

Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Max & Marcellus react to Steve Sarkisian's apology. Does Coach Sark deserve some sort of discipline? Max can't believe callers think Don Mattingly is to blame for not getting to the World Series.