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Max & Marcellus: [hr2]

Carlos Boozer was introduced to the media today & says he has a lot to prove but is ready for the challenge. Max talks about the problems he runs into when he goes back to NY. Max says the Lakers are a deep team full of mediocre players.

VeniceMase Podcast

Mase is dedicated to the attention and care that we give to American Veterans, including those returning from Afghanistan & Iraq. US Marine Corps Captain Rich Cardona shares his experiences while deployed as an attack helicopter pilot and you may be surprised at the way he feels about his service.

UCLA, Bret Hundley

UCLA QB Bret Hundley joins John and Brian from day two of Pac 12 media day.

UCLA, Jim Mora

UCLA head football coach Jim Mora joins Mark and Andy and talks UCLA football live from Pac 12 media day.

USC, Steve Sarkisian

USC's head football coach Steve Sarkisian joins Mark and Keyshaw from Pac 12 media day, and talks USC football.


Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

Ben Lyons and Marcellus Wiley mix it up on this edition of Remix at Six. Newest Laker Jeremy Lin is in-studio talking about how he found out he was traded to the purple and gold. Lin talks about what part of his game ne needs to work on.

Remix @ Six: Me & My Vatos

Me & My Vatos (Max & Marcellus Remix)by @iamMarioRuiz

Max and Marcellus: [hr4]

Max and Marcellus discuss the Remix at Six, which includes: LeBron James, cupcakes, Russell Wilson, Pat Bowlen and Alzheimer's disease. Also, joking in the locker room.

Remix @ Six: I Go To Work

Lebron James went to work last night against the Spurs and got his 2nd ring. Listen to Mario's Mix with highlights of the game mashed to "I Go To Work" by Big Daddy Kane.

Remix @ Six: Show Out

Lebron James and the Heat show up and show out the Spurs in game 6. Mario Ruiz mixes highlights of the game to Juicy J's "Show Out."