The power of a man named Borowy


In case you hadn't heard, Thursday night Bartolo Colon became the second player in major-league history to win at least 10 games for two different teams in the same season. The first? Hank Borowy, in 1945.

But who was Hank Borowy?

Well, Hank Borowy helped put the Cubs into their last World Series, and he also helped drive manager Joe McCarthy from the Yankees, which of course changed the course of baseball history.

Borowy helped the Cubs to the World Series with 11 wins and a 2.13 ERA after joining the club on July 27. The Cubs finished three games ahead of the Cardinals, and so it's unlikely that they'd have won without the hard-throwing right-hander.

And the loss of Borowy led to the end of McCarthy's 15-season tenure as Yankees manager. Club president Larry MacPhail sold Borowy to the Cubs for $97,000. According to Glenn Stout in Yankees Century, "The manager couldn't take it ... Throwing away a potential pennant and selling the staff ace in the midst of the race was something he couldn't understand ... McCarthy turned inward. Baseball was everything to him. Even in 1945 wins and losses mattered. His drinking problem grew worse."

McCarthy soon left the club for three weeks, and eventually offered to resign. MacPhail held him to his contract for 1946, but that May McCarthy's resignation was finally accepted. And a few years later, Casey Stengel arrived.