Clemens in no rush to decide

Roger Clemens' agent, Randy Hendricks, said Sunday that Clemens might not decide until February whether to make his comeback official.

Hendricks said Clemens has been working out to get himself in shape to throw batting practice to the baseball team at Memorial High School, where his son, Koby, plays -- "so he told me he'll be in shape, no matter what. Therefore, he might not make a decision until February."

Asked if it was possible that Clemens might not decide to return until midseason, Hendricks replied: "Anything is possible." But it appears the biggest reason he isn't being more committal at the moment is because of his friendship with once-and-possibly-future teammate Andy Pettitte.

"We went to dinner with Roger last night, and he said, `This is Andy's moment, and I don't want to get in the way,' " Hendricks said. "He said it's flattering to have all this interest, but he's not ready to decide. And he doesn't have to decide, because he's going to be in physical condition, anyway."

The Astros have suggested they would like to have an answer sometime in January. But while Hendricks said Clemens is sensitive to their concerns, he also said he had a feeling that "I don't think they'll tell him to go away if he decides he wants to be there on Feb. 15."

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