Polanco-Rincon swap has a chance

With the trading deadline drawing closer, here's the latest talk being heard from around the game:

  • The Phillies and A's continue to discuss a trade that would send second baseman Placido Polanco to Oakland for reliever Ricardo Rincon. But the teams were still trying to figure out how to bridge a $700,000 difference in their salaries for the rest of the year. Polanco makes $3.95 million, to Rincon's $1.75 million.

  • The Rangers are closing in on a deal with Scott Erickson, who was just released by the Mets.

  • The Phillies and Yankees talked about a deal that would send Ricky Ledee to the Yankees for Kenny Lofton. But indications are that the Yankees rejected it.

  • The Indians and Giants are talking about a deal that would send a reliever -- thought to be Rick White -- to the Giants for a prospect.

  • The Padres are believed to be close to a trade with Seattle to bring back Dave Hansen, whom they traded to Seattle last winter.

  • According to clubs that have spoken with the Giants, they've backed off on a pursuit of Ugueth Urbina, even though GM Brian Sabean flew to Cleveland to scout him personally. The Giants are believed to have interest in Orioles closer Jorge Julio.

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