Top 100 players of the decade

Tough call between Pujols and A-Rod for the top spot. The problem is, who's next?

Originally Published: December 14, 2009
By Rob Neyer |

When making a list like this -- the 100 greatest players of this decade, which by the way I've officially and irreversibly dubbed "the 0's" -- it's easy to look at statistics. But which statistics exactly? And how does one compare hitters to pitchers? I took a shortcut, ranking the players (including pitchers) by wins above replacement (with a great deal of help from Baseball

From there, it was relatively easy to arbitrarily bump players up and down the list based on quality of competition, postseason performance and pure excellence. (Six great seasons are better than eight good ones.) Generally, my advice on these matters is to avoid taking these things too seriously ... unless you think your favorite player has been shortchanged, in which case it's appropriate to file a letter of protest with the proper authorities.

With all that in mind, let the protesting begin!

51. Grady Sizemore
52. Jimmy Rollins
53. David Ortiz
54. Brian Giles
55. Brandon Webb
56. David Wright
57. Miguel Cabrera
58. Derrek Lee
59. Magglio Ordonez
60. Rafael Furcal
61. Melvin Mora
62. Jake Peavy
63. Hanley Ramirez
64. Derek Lowe
65. Sammy Sosa
66. Larry Walker
67. John Lackey
68. Josh Beckett
69. Dan Haren
70. Torii Hunter
71. Ray Durham
72. Carlos Guillen
73. Greg Maddux
74. Edgar Renteria
75. Jarrod Washburn
76. Aramis Ramirez
77. Matt Holliday
78. Bartolo Colon
79. Adam Dunn
80. Randy Winn
81. Tom Glavine
82. Nomar Garciaparra
83. Cliff Floyd
84. Victor Martinez
85. Freddy Garcia
86. Vernon Wells
87. Michael Young
88. Jose Valentin
89. Tim Wakefield
90. Kevin Youkilis
91. Carl Crawford
92. Corey Koskie
93. Brad Radke
94. Chone Figgins
95. Jose Reyes
96. Kelvim Escobar
97. Frank Thomas
98. Carlos Lee
99. Kenny Rogers
100. Jamie Moyer