There's just a passion about the numbers in baseball

From "755" to "61" to many more, milestone numbers in baseball are seemingly more important than those in other sports.

Originally Published: March 27, 2007
By Tim Kurkjian | ESPN The Magazine

I learned a new number recently. I now know how many yards Dan Marino, the record holder, threw for in his NFL career. I'm told by football stat guys that it's an "awkward" number, but before the other day, I wouldn't have come within 10,000 yards of the correct number. It is 61,361.

"Here's how you remember 61,361: It's Roger Maris (61), then the number of times Sammy Sosa hit 60 homers in a season (3), then Roger Maris again: 61,361,'' said the brilliant Steve Hirdt, executive vice president ...

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