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To Readers: Column correction

To Readers:

In Wednesday's column on, I wanted to point out a story that had run in the Los Angeles Times about the maturation of Milton Bradley, referencing a conversation he had with former Indians teammate C.C. Sabathia. As I was preparing that column, with the topic focused on the Dodgers, I received two e-mails alerting me to Steve Henson's article in the L.A. Times.

I thought Henson's piece was so poignant and interesting, I included a reference to it as a "sidebar" in my column. I was obviously referring to that newspaper piece, and commented on the exchange by writing, "Fascinating. Bradley is a very good person who has long dealt with demons, and this acceptance of responsibility may signal that he is on the right path. Everyone who knows him hopes so."

When I filed the column, however, I inadvertently and mistakenly omitted credit and sourcing to the Los Angeles Times. I thought I had sourced the Times as I wrote the column, and had not. Obviously, I should have. It was brought to my attention late Wednesday night by editors, who removed the "sidebar" while seeking clarification. I immediately admitted the mistake and asked that it be corrected.

I had intended to call attention to what I considered a very powerful story, and made an inexplicable oversight. I apologize to Steve Henson, the L.A. Times, and to readers.

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