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Father-son battery?

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When the Astros selected Roger Clemens' son Koby in the eighth round of the draft Monday, it was treated -- in most circles -- as a courtesy to their Hall of Fame pitcher and his family.

Not so, say the 'Stros. To start with, the eighth round is much earlier than the usual courtesy draft. "We like Koby, and think he's got a chance to be pretty good," says Houston scouting director Paul Ricciarini. "It's up to Roger and Koby whether he signs or goes to Texas. But we want to sign him. We'd like to put him behind the plate, where he could be a pretty good prospect, and Koby has indicated he's willing to try catching."

Hmmm ... Could the Astros sign the oldest Clemens' son, convert him to catcher and invite him to spring training as one of their non-roster catchers, which would allow Roger to throw to his son?

It's been discussed.

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