Sexson returns to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Richie Sexson had a good-natured warning for Ben Sheets when the slugger returned to Milwaukee on Tuesday for the Arizona Diamondbacks' only trip to Miller Park this season.

"I told him if he strikes me out a couple of times, I'm kicking
him out of my house," said Sexson, who is renting his area home to
his former teammate.

Sheets only struck him out once in Milwaukee's 4-2 win but
figured Sexson was going to make him pay for it anyway.

"He's probably going to raise the rent," Sheets said. "But
that's all right."

Sexson had something a little harsher in mind for Sheets. "I'm
kicking him out," Sexson said.

Sexson chose to stay at the team hotel in downtown rather than
at his old pad with his new tenant.

"I wasn't going to stay with him. There's not enough room for
all of us and that big slobbery dog of his that he has running
around," Sexson said. "It's a bulldog. He's probably slobbering
all over my floors."

Sexson, who hit 133 homers in 3½ seasons in Milwaukee, was traded to Arizona last winter along with reliever Shane Nance and
outfielder Noochie Varner for six players, four of whom were in
Milwaukee's starting lineup Tuesday night.

In addition to Chad Moeller, Lyle Overbay, Junior Spivey and
Craig Counsell, the Brewers also got starting pitcher Chris Capuano
and pitching prospect Jorge de la Rosa from Arizona.

The deal was a boon to both teams. The D-Backs got the power
hitter they coveted and the cost-cutting Brewers filled plenty of
holes while erasing Sexson's $8.6 million salary from their

"I think Milwaukee's definitely gotten better from it," Sexson
said. "I still root for them, I still check the papers every day
to see how they're doing, and call Geoff (Jenkins) as many times as
I can to see what's going on because he's one of my best friends."

Jenkins, who signed a $23 million, three-year contract extension
after Sexson was traded, said he wishes the economics of the game
hadn't separated the two, but it was ultimately in everybody's best

"It was a great trade for us," Jenkins said. "The new guys
have fit in great. To get six players, five of whom are playing
with us, you say, 'Wow! That's making us a better club.'

"A lot of people look at that as the best trade of the

Milwaukee manager Ned Yost misses Sexson's power but now has a more versatile lineup that can manufacture runs much better.

"Both teams got exactly what they needed out of the deal,"
Yost said.

Sexson, who nearly walked into the Brewers clubhouse out of
habit and was cheered by the sparse crowd during introductions,
said he couldn't be happier in a lineup that packs so much punch.

"We have some great players. In our lineup, there's not one or
two guys that can beat you. We feel like we have four or five
guys," Sexson said. "So, it's definitely nice to have that cast
around you, guys who can produce and drive in runs."