'He's not just drinking soda water'

Updated: July 19, 2004, 12:55 AM ET
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Gary Sheffield wonders why some players who work out get questions about steroids while others don't.

"I get sick and tired of everyone wanting to flaunt their training method, to show that they're the biggest and strongest and baddest," Sheffield told the New York Daily News for Sunday's editions. "All of that is a big hoax. Nobody trains harder than anybody else. It's a bunch of garbage and I'm sick and tired of hearing it."

The New York Yankees outfielder provided an example for media speculation: Houston Astros pitcher and former Yankee Roger Clemens.

"Us as players have to sit here and answer stupid questions about how somebody's training workout is so superior to the next man," Sheffield told the paper. "But it's not. Roger Clemens, what makes him so different, because he's able to pitch? Longevity. I can tell you one thing, and I'm not accusing him of anything, but I betcha he's not just drinking soda water ... and that's what I got a problem with. What's good for one is good for another, but it don't always work that way."

Sheffield, who once worked out with Barry Bonds and has also been tied to the BALCO investigation, also spoke up for his former training partner.

"I understand the reason why we're under suspicion, because of the BALCO issue, but nobody speculates on (other players), on their workout," he said. "They'll take their word on their workout ... why can't you take Barry's word for his workout? There are plenty of people who can attest that he's at the gym."