Backman to serve 10 days for probation violation

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Fired Arizona Diamondbacks manager Wally
Backman was sentenced to 10 days in jail Friday for violating his
probation three years ago.

Backman was fired by Arizona last month just four days after he
was hired. He was dismissed following revelations he had been
arrested twice and struggled with financial problems.

Benton County District Judge Holly Hollenbeck could have ordered
Backman to serve as much as 364 days for the probation violation.
Instead, he ordered the 10-day sentence and a $250 fine.

Backman, 45, was arrested on a driving under the influence
charge in Kennewick in 2000, when he was manager of the Tri-City
Posse minor league team. He later pleaded guilty.

Backman served one day in jail and 364 days were suspended on
the condition he commit no new crimes. The former major league
infielder was placed on probation for five years.

In 2001, he was arrested after a fight at his home involving his
wife and one of her friends in Prineville, Ore.

The judge on Friday also extended Backman's probation through
January 2008 and ordered him to drink no alcohol during that time.

Backman was ordered to report to jail on Jan. 3.

The Diamondbacks' management had been unaware of Backman's
problems until media reports that followed his hiring.