Henry, Lucchino meet with Pedro for 45 minutes

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Pedro Martinez briefly
met with Red Sox owner John Henry and president Larry Lucchino on
Wednesday while passing through the international airport.

The two executives talked with the free-agent pitcher for 45
minutes before attending the one-year anniversary of the opening of
the Red Sox baseball academy on the island.

Martinez, who was with agent Fernando Cuza, was in the airport
preparing to travel to Miami for his sister's wedding, Henry said.

"The meeting was very satisfactory," Henry said. "We are
hoping to be able to retain Pedro and keep him in Boston for the
rest of his career."

Henry and Lucchino declined further details on the meeting.

During the academy celebration, Red Sox officials symbolically
presented the World Series trophy to vice president Rafael
Alburquerque, thanking him for the effort of three Dominican
players that helped the team win its first championship in 86

Designated hitter David Ortiz, MVP of the American League
championship series, was also in attendance. The third Dominican
star on the team and MVP of the World Series, outfielder Manny Ramirez, did not attend.

Martinez, 33, met with New York Yankees owner George
Steinbrenner last month and has received offers from the Red Sox
and New York Mets.