Report: L.A. still hasn't submitted paperwork

The big three-way trade that would send Randy Johnson from
Arizona to the Yankees could be sent to commissioner Bud Selig for
approval as early as Tuesday. The deal also involves Los Angeles -- and that could be the problem.

Newsday reported on its Web site that while the Yankees and Diamondbacks filed the proper paperwork to submit the deal for approval, the Dodgers did not, according to an industry source.

"I've gone through different stages going back to last
Friday," Dodgers general manager Paul DePodesta said. "At times,
I thought it was going to happen and times when I didn't think it
would. We're still on a roller-coaster."

On Sunday, DePodesta was outspoken about the trade in a radio interview.

"We're holding it up," DePodesta said in the interview. "We want to make sure the trade is in the best interests of our '05 club. As it stands, the only way it's attractive is if we do other things alongside.

"As a stand-alone, it's not helping our major league team. It isn't a done deal at this point. [Other moves would] have to be simultaneous. You don't make a deal like this and be left naked. There's a high level of activity, and if we get the pieces in place, at the end of the day we'll have a better team."

It has been rumored that the Dodgers want to add a big bat to the lineup (J.D. Drew?) and another pitcher to their staff.

If Selig approves the deal, New York wants a 72-hour window to
negotiate a contract extension with Johnson. Johnson, a five-time
Cy Young Award winner, is owed $16 million in the last year of his
contract. New York also would get left-hander Kazuhisa Ishii.

Los Angeles would receive right-hander Javier Vazquez from the
Yankees along with two top prospects, catcher Dioner Navarro and
third baseman Eric Duncan, and the Dodgers would get pitcher Mike Koplove from Arizona.

Arizona would get outfielder/first baseman Shawn Green and pitchers Brad Penny, Yhency Brazoban and Brandon Weeden.

Johnson and Green have no-trade clauses. Johnson wants to play
for the Yankees -- Green has not yet waived his right to block a

While the Dodgers' words and actions have Yankees brass worried, an industry source told Newsday that Los Angeles indicated everything was fine.

One official involved in the discussions told Newsday, "We shook hands" Friday. A second executive confirmed the first official's story to Newsday and added, "Who's ever going to want to do business with [the Dodgers] again?"

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.