Torre expects steroid questions to continue

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jason Giambi arrived in Tampa and told the
New York Yankees he will be at Legends Field on Monday, a day before the
first full-squad workout.

At a Feb. 10 news conference in New York, Giambi issued a
general apology but didn't acknowledge using steroids. Yankees manager Joe Torre predicted Giambi and Barry Bonds, who reports to the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday, will be under continued scrutiny.

Bonds and Giambi testified in December 2003 before a grand jury
investigating illegal steroid distribution. The San Francisco
Chronicle reported in December that Giambi told the grand jury he
used steroids and that Bonds told the grand jury he used a
substance that prosecutors believe contained steroids.

"Everybody who has been named, whether it be Jason or Barry or
anybody that was named in [Jose] Canseco's book, I think everybody
is going to look at and have a question because the name was
connected with steroids," Torre said.