Probe links McGwire to steroids in '90s

Updated: March 14, 2005, 12:52 PM ET news services

NEW YORK -- Mark McGwire's name was mentioned several times during a federal steroids investigation in the early 1990s, but he was not the target of the probe nor was any evidence collected against him, the Daily News reported Sunday.

Mark McGwire
GettyMark McGwire hasn't announced his decision on whether he'll appear at the March 17 hearing on steroids.

McGwire, Jose Canseco and five current players along with four baseball executives were subpoenaed to testify at a congressional hearing on steroids Thursday. The commissioner's office has said it will fight the subpoenas. Canseco says he will testify and has asked for immunity so he can answer all questions.

McGwire and some of the other players haven't said whether they'll show in Washington, though the committee has said those refusing to testify would be held in contempt of Congress.

Two dealers caught in the federal investigation told the Daily News that a California man named Curtis Wenzlaff gave Canseco and McGwire illegal anabolic steroids.

A spokesman for McGwire, Marc Altieri, told the newspaper the former player does not remember meeting Wenzlaff.

"We're not going to comment on anything at this time," Altieri said, "but we believe one should consider the sources of such allegations."

Canseco said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" he met Wenzlaff in the 1980s and worked out with him but did not buy steroids from him.

"We're certain that if he (Wenzlaff) had supplied him with steroids, we would remember that," Canseco's lawyer Robert Saunooke said. "We find it suspect that his story is coming out now, 15 years later, right before we're supposed to testify."

When asked by the newspaper, Wenzlaff declined to comment about McGwire but said he did give Canseco steroids.

"I supplied a bunch of players, but I'm not going to name any other names," Wenzlaff told the Daily News. "Jose's different because he opened the door with his book."

On Sunday, former FBI Agent Bill Randall was asked about Wenzlaff's credibility on ESPN Radio's GameNight.

"Keep in mind he was doing what he had to do to keep himself out of jail. Everything he decided to tell myself and the case agent [Greg Stejko] was all substantiated through independent investigation and it appeared to be truthful," Randall said.

Canseco said in his recently published autobiography that he, McGwire and Giambi shot steroids together in a bathroom stall at Oakland Coliseum.

McGwire and Giambi have denied Canseco's charges.

Canseco said Sunday he thinks a congressional investigation of steroid use in baseball is a good idea and more people should be called to testify.

"If Major League Baseball wanted in the past to completely just sever steroids from Major League Baseball, they would have done it. Obviously, there was so much money to be made," Canseco told "This Week."

"And I truly believe that players' agents are involved -- definitely trainers, coaches, general managers, up to owners. They all know and they knew exactly what was going on."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.