Bonds told her about steroids, Bell says again

Updated: April 1, 2005, 6:30 PM ET news services

The Kimberly Bell book tour, even without a publishing deal, has begun.

The San Jose woman, who has said she dated Barry Bonds from 1994 to 2003, talked to The New York Times this week and said she plans a book about the relationship.

She told TheTimes that although she never saw Bonds use steroids, he told her he had. The comments were a repeat of what she told a federal grand jury earlier this month.

"Before he used them," she told The Times, "I would consider him as being difficult. He went from difficult to downright mean and cruel. He became impatient, intolerant, quick-tempered, quick to snap."

According to Bell, Bonds mentioned other players who used steroids, but she declined to mention names.

"That is the type of material that will be in the book," she said.

As for proving her story, Bell said she has telephone messages from the baseball star.

"After he got married," she told The Times, "he told me I had to destroy them. He said they can't exist. I felt there wasn't something right about that, so I kept the tapes."

Bell also said he gave her money for a down payment on a home in Arizona.

"I shouldn't feel responsible for keeping his secrets if he can't keep his promise to pay for the house," Bell told The Times. "I gave up a great job and family and support system."

Bonds, the seven-time NL MVP, is recovering from three knee operations in 5½ months, two on his troublesome right knee in a seven-week span.