Wells: 'I probably would have done the same thing.'

Updated: July 9, 2005, 10:51 PM ET
Associated Press

Boston pitcher David Wells said he understands why Texas pitcher Kenny Rogers shoved two cameramen, comparing the situation to a sexual assault.

"Some guy's being aggressive with a woman, and she says no, and he keeps on doing it. Well, you know what's going to happen. No is no in anything, when it comes to sexual or you know, whatever it is. No is no," Wells said during an appearance on Rhode Island radio station WSKO on Friday. "And I'm sure Kenny said, 'Hey, get it out of my face, don't do it.' But no, they want the big story, they want the scoop, you know?"

Wells added: "I probably would have done the same thing."

Last week, Rogers lashed out at the cameramen as they filmed him walking to the field for pregame stretching. The episode was captured on videotape and led to KDFW cameraman Larry Rodriguez being treated at a hospital after the camera was ripped from his hands and thrown to the ground. A day earlier, the pitcher ordered cameras turned off around him in the clubhouse.

Baseball suspended Rogers for 20 games and the pitcher, who was selected as an All-Star, is appealing. He has not announced if he will play in the All-Star Game or not.

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