Hearing impaired: Palmeiro rattled by boos

TORONTO -- A day after inserting earplugs to drown out fans,
Rafael Palmeiro had second thoughts.
"Maybe it wasn't the right thing to do. I've never been in a
situation where I'm getting booed so badly and I just really don't
know how to handle it," Palmeiro said Wednesday.

Palmeiro inserted earplugs after he was loudly booed during his
first at-bat in the Baltimore Orioles' 7-2 loss to the Toronto Blue
Jays on Tuesday night.
He went 0-for-4, leaving him with two hits in 26 at-bats, an
.077 average, since a 10-day suspension for testing positive for
"I've been booed before but obviously not this heavily," he
said. "It's just hard to really focus when the whole the stadium
is booing and yelling. I thought that would be a way to maybe try
and block out some of the booing."
Palmeiro struck out swinging in the first inning, popped out
weakly to the pitcher in the fourth, lined out to first base in the
sixth and took a called third strike in the eighth. His batting
average has dropped from .280 at the time of his suspension to
He added what appeared to be tape to one earplug, apparently to
further drown out the boos. It was just his second road game since
returning from the suspension.
He said he didn't know if he'd do it again. The Orioles head to
Boston next.
"It's been hard. It hasn't been easy. I've survived it so far
though," Palmeiro said. "I'm dealing with it on a daily basis."
Interim manager Sam Perlozzo thinks Palmeiro's move might have
"It drew attention to it. It could possibly make it worse,"
Perlozzo said.
Perlozzo won't be playing Palmeiro in the near future. He said
he wants to make sure the 40-year-old first baseman is healthy.
"He's obviously not healthy yet. His knee is bothering him, his
foot is bothering him," Perlozzo said. "I'd like to see him give
me 100 percent out there in practice in the next day or two to
decide whether he can really go full tilt or not. Until I find out
how healthy he is I'm just going to give him some time. He can't
help us halfway."
Palmeiro was Baltimore's designated hitter on Tuesday night, a
day after Perlozzo suggested he has lost his job as the regular
first baseman.