Transcript of Puckett 911 call


Scottsdale police received a 911 call from Kirby Puckett's home at 6:51 a.m. local time Sunday. A female caller reported Puckett was breathing but no longer responding to her. An edited version of the transcript, which was provided by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, follows.

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: I need an ambulance here.

Operator: OK. Hold on for the paramedics. Have your address ready.

Caller: Please! Do you need some aspirin? Lay down, Kirby!

(Dial tone, then an official from the fire department comes on the line.)

Operator: What city are you at?

Caller: Scottsdale.

Operator: Is that a house?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: What's going on there?

Caller: I don't know. It's Kirby Puckett and he's ... something's going on and he can't talk and he's falling down. Please hurry!

Operator: Ma'am, help is on the way. You need to stop saying that. Is he conscious or unconscious?

Caller: He's conscious, but he's falling back!

Operator: Help is on the way. You need to calm down ... you need to calm down so you can help him until we get there. How old is he?

Caller: (crying) 45.

Operator: Does he have any ongoing medical problems?

Caller: I don't know ... he's overweight.

Operator: Is he a diabetic? Is he a heart patient?

Caller: (unintelligible)

Operator: What's that? Do his parents have heart problems?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: OK, how is his breathing?

Caller: I don't know.

Operator: He is breathing, correct?

Caller: Yes.

Operator: Is he sitting up or is he lying down?

Caller: (unintelligible)

Operator: Try and protect him so he doesn't fall, OK?

Caller: He's lying down.

Operator 2: Do you want us to go with you?

Operator: I don't think so. Ma'am? Just try to protect him so he doesn't fall, OK? Do not try to give him anything by mouth, OK? And just continue to watch him. You can call us if anything changes and we're not there yet.

Operator: Was he complaining of anything today?

Caller: No. (unintelligible) Oh my God ...

Operator: Is he sitting up?

Caller: Kirby ... Kirby.

Operator: (unintelligible) Is he sitting up?

Caller: Yes, he's sitting up.

Operator: OK. What does his coloring look like?

Caller: He's black. He is a black man.

Operator: He is a black man. OK. What do his lips look like? Do they look like they're turning dark purple, or he's not getting enough air?

Caller: Yeah.

Caller: Hold on. Kirby, want to talk to me? Can you hear me? Can you talk? He's sweating ... really bad.

Operator: OK. Was he complaining of anything on this day?

Caller: He didn't complain.

Operator: OK. All right. Help's on the way ... call us back if anything changes, and remember, don't give him anything to eat or drink. And is he on any medication?

Caller: Lipitor.

Operator: Well, the help's been started. They'll be there shortly to help him. All right, thank you. Bye-bye.