Rowand injured in collision with Phils teammate Utley

Phillies center fielder Aaron Rowand left Philadelphia's game with the Chicago Cubs in the eighth inning on Monday night after colliding with second baseman Chase Utley.

Rowand was charging a flair off the bat off John Mabry in short center, and Utley was running at full speed from the infield. The second baseman appeared to catch the ball just before the collision, which snapped his arm back and knocked the ball loose.

Rowand tumbled forward a number of times, landing awkwardly on his wrist, head and ankle before finally settling. He stayed on the ground clutching his wrist and then winced when he tried to stand and had to be helped off. He was unable to put weight on his right leg as he struggled into the dugout with the help of teammates.

Rowand was undergoing precautionary X-rays on a sprained right ankle, the team said in the ninth inning.

Utley stayed in the game and did not appear to be badly injured.

Mabry cruised all the way around to third base on the play, but he was stranded. The Phillies led 6-3 at the time.

Rowand missed time earlier this season after breaking his nose in a crash into the outfield fence while making a catch in Philadelphia.