Rockies' Mesa, Giants' Wright suspended for beanballs

NEW YORK -- Colorado reliever Jose Mesa and San Francisco
pitcher Jamey Wright were each suspended Friday for three games for
intentionally throwing at an opposing hitter during a tense game
between the teams earlier this week.

Jose Mesa Mesa

Jamey Wright Wright

Giants manager Felipe Alou was suspended for a game because a
warning had been issued to both teams prior to Wright's hitting
Colorado's Matt Holliday in the eighth inning of the Rockies' 12-4
victory Tuesday.

Wright and Alou were to begin serving their suspensions during
San Francisco's game at Milwaukee on Friday.

Mesa, who hit San Francisco's Mark Sweeney in the top of the
eighth inning, has filed an appeal and his suspension won't start
until the appeals process has been completed.

"I don't want to get suspended. I'm appealing that," Mesa said
in Denver before the Rockies played the Atlanta Braves.

Mesa said he felt he was being singled out: "Felipe knows what
to do. I guess they keep hitting people and get away with it. I hit
somebody and I got suspended right away," he said.

Mesa has drawn Alou's ire for a long-running feud with Giants
shortstop Omar Vizquel, whom he has plunked repeatedly.

Mesa and Vizquel played together in Cleveland from 1992-98 but
their friendship ended when Vizquel criticized Mesa in his 2002
autobiography for blowing the save in Game 7 of the 1997 World
Series against Florida, and Mesa vowed never to forget the

Alou said earlier this summer that it's a shame these two teams
are paying for the Mesa-Vizquel feud.

Alou said Friday in Milwaukee that it made no sense to think the
Giants were looking for trouble.

"We're the team that gave up 32 runs in the first two games,"
Alou said. "Usually, the team that's getting pounded is going to
hit someone first. We weren't hitting anybody."