Salary arbitration figures

Updated: February 1, 2007, 3:23 PM ET
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NEW YORK -- A total of 106 players filed for salary arbitration Jan. 12 (x-free agent who accepted arbitration). Players and teams exchanged proposed salaries Tuesday if they couldn't come to agreement on a 2007 contract.

Arbitration figures
Baltimore Orioles
Erik Bedard$1,625,000$4,000,000$2,700,000Agreed to 1-year, $3.4M deal
Corey Patterson2,800,0004,600,0004,000,000Agreed to 1-year, $4.3M deal
Brian Roberts3,100,0004,600,0003,800,000Signed to 1-year, $4.2M deal
Boston Red Sox
Brendan Donnelly950,0001,650,0001,150,000Agreed to 1-year, $1.4M deal
Wily Mo Pena1,250,0002,200,0001,725,000Agreed to 1-year, $1.875M deal
Cleveland Indians
Jason Davis341,700760,000600,000 Agreed to 1-year, $670K deal
Jason Michaels1,550,0003,200,0002,000,000Agreed to 2-year, $4.25M deal
Kansas City Royals
Todd Wellemeyer347,500740,000565,000Agreed to 1-year, $635K deal
Minnesota Twins
Michael Cuddyer1,350,0004,250,0003,000,000Agreed to 1-year, $3.575M deal
Lew Ford425,0001,300,000800,000Agreed to 1-year, $985K deal
Joe Mauer400,0004,500,0003,300,000Agreed to 4-year, $33M deal
Justin Morneau385,0005,000,0004,000,000Agreed to 1-year, $4.5M deal
Nick Punto720,0002,100,0001,600,000Agreed to 2-year, $4.2M deal
Juan Rincon900,0002,400,0001,600,000Agreed to 1-year, $2M deal
Oakland Athletics
Justin Duchscherer344,5001,450,000925,000Agreed to 1-year, $1.1875M deal
Bobby Kielty1,850,0002,500,0001,925,000Agreed to 1-year, $2.1M deal
Kirk Saarloos354,0001,475,000925,000Agreed to 1-year, $1.2M deal
Seattle Mariners
J.J. Putz415,0003,600,0002,600,000Agreed to 3-year, $13.1M deal
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Josh Paul475,000940,000625,000Arbitrator sided with club
Toronto Blue Jays
Scott Downs705,0001,200,000 925,000Agreed to 1-year, $1,025M deal
Reed Johnson1,425,0003,600,000 2,500,000Agreed to 1-year, $3,075M deal
Alex Rios354,0003,100,0002,000,000Agreed to 1-year, $2,535M deal
Arizona Diamondbacks
Eric Byrnes2,250,0005,000,0004,250,000 Agreed to 1-year, $4.575M deal
Doug Davis3,600,0007,500,0005,250,000 Agreed to 3-year, $22M deal
Atlanta Braves
Oscar Villarreal552,5001,300,000860,000 Agreed to 1-year, $925K deal
Chicago Cubs
Mark Prior3,650,0003,875,0003,400,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3,575M deal
Carlos Zambrano6,650,00015,500,00011,025,000 Agreed to 1-year, $12.4M deal
Cincinnati Reds
Aaron Harang2,350,0005,500,0004,250,000 Agreed to 4-year, $36.5M deal
Colorado Rockies
Josh Fogg1,050,0004,250,0003,000,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.63M deal
Florida Marlins
Miguel Cabrera472,0007,400,0006,700,000 Arbitrator ruled for player
Kevin Gregg365,000700,000575,000 Arbitrator sided with club
Houston Astros
Morgan Ensberg3,800,0004,900,0004,000,000 Agreed to 1-year, $4.35M deal
Adam Everett1,900,0003,400,0002,500,000 Agreed to 1-year, $2.8M deal
Jason Lane450,0001,375,000900,000 Agreed to 1-year, $1.05M deal
Los Angeles Dodgers
Joe Beimel425,0001,250,000912,500 Arbitrator sided with club
Milwaukee Brewers
Chris Capuano450,0003,700,0002,800,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.25M deal
Johnny Estrada2,000,0003,900,0003,000,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.4M deal
Tony Graffanino2,200,0003,700,0002,800,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.25M deal
Bill Hall418,0004,125,0003,000,000 Agreed to 4-year, $24M deal
Claudio Vargas1,275,000 2,850,000 2,150,000 Agreed to 1-year, $2.5M deal
Philadelphia Phillies
Geoff Geary350,000925,000750,000 Agreed to 1-year, $837,500 deal
Brett Myers3,300,0005,900,0005,000,000 Agreed to 3-year, $25.75M deal
Chase Utley500,0006,250,0004,500,000 Agreed to 7-year, $85M deal
Pittsburgh Pirates
Jose Castillo348,0002,200,0001,800,000 Agreed to 1-year, $1.8M deal
Shawn Chacon3,600,0004,250,0003,700,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.825M deal
Jody Gerut875,000925,000800,000 Agreed to 1-year, $850K deal
John Grabow341,750925,000765,000 Agreed to 1-year, $832,500 deal
Adam LaRoche420,0003,700,0002,800,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.4M deal
Freddy Sanchez342,0003,100,0002,150,000 Agreed to 1-year, $2.75M deal
San Diego Padres
Todd Walker2,500,0003,950,0002,750,000 Arbitrator ruled for player
Washington Nationals
Chad Cordero525,0004,150,0003,650,000 Arbitrator ruled for player
Alex Escobar333,000590,000500,000 Agreed to 1-year, $530K deal
Austin Kearns1,850,0004,250,0003,650,000 Agreed to 3-year, $17.5M deal
Felipe Lopez2,700,0004,100,0003,700,000 Agreed to 1-year, $3.9M deal
John Patterson450,0001,850,000850,000 Arbitrator sided with club

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