Estrada agrees to one-year deal, avoids arbitration

MILWAUKEE -- Catcher Johnny Estrada avoided arbitration with
the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, agreeing to a $3.4 million,
one-year contract.

Johnny Estrada Estrada

Estrada, obtained by Milwaukee as part of a six-player deal with
the Arizona Diamondbacks in November, hit .302 with 11 homers and
71 RBIs in 115 games last season. He is slated to become the starting catcher, sending 37-year-old Damian Miller to a reserve role.

In addition to his base salary, Estrada would get a $50,000 bonus for 500 plate appearances. That would bring him to the midpoint between the $3.9 million he had asked for and the $3 million the team had offered.

Milwaukee has one player remaining in arbitration, outfielder Bill Hall. He asked for $4,125,000 and the Brewers offered $3 million.