Phillies help Rockies' grounds crew stabilize tarp during rain delay

DENVER -- A strong burst of wind caught the tarp as the
Colorado Rockies' grounds crew tried to roll it over the infield
during a seventh-inning rain delay on Sunday, sending crew members
flying into the air.

And when the tarp doubled over, covering some of the workers,
several Philadelphia players rushed out of the dugout to help
stabilize it.

Shane Victorino grabbed a corner, dug in and began wrestling it
toward left field. Ryan Howard held a section down with a knee, and
Michael Bourn started heaving sand bags onto the tarp to weigh it

Even Adam Eaton, the starting pitcher, was out in the middle of
the field, trying to extend the tarp so it could be weighed down.
Home plate umpire Bill Welke and crew chief John Hirschbeck were
out there holding down the tarp as well.

The only Rockies player out there was LaTroy Hawkins.

No one was hurt and the crew -- with the Phillies' help --
eventually got the tarp down. The crowd, which was scurrying for
cover, applauded their efforts.

The rain hit just after the bottom of the sixth with
Philadelphia leading 5-4.

The grounds crew had no further trouble with the tarp while
removing it after a 50-minute rain delay.