Report: Florida clinic files motion to seal patient records

11/8/2007 - MLB

Lawyers for an anti-aging clinic involved in the Albany County (N.Y) steroids investigation wants its patient records sealed, according to a published report, and it is going to court to achieve that goal.

The New York Daily news reported Thursday that the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center has filed a motion in Florida state court to seal their patient records after many athletes names have surfaced in recent weeks as having bought steroids from the company.

That motion is scheduled to be heard Tuesday.

The filing goes on to claim that medical records for their patients were illegally shared with the NFL, Major League Baseball and the media.

"It seems to me this information was leaked in violation of patients' rights," David Holland, a lawyer for the clinic, told the paper.

Veteran baseball players Jose Guillen, Matt Williams and Ismael Valdez purchased thousands of dollars worth of steroids and human growth hormone from the Florida clinic, according to a report this week in the San Francisco Chronicle.